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Ccax1a 11kv Straight Adaptor

CCAX1A 11.0kV Straight Adaptor

Flameproof Adaptor Type CCAX1A

Specifically designed for underground coal mining. Specifically designed for use on 500A circuits up to 11000 Volts. ATEX Approved. Requires resin filling to complete installation. Manufactured in corrosion-resistant gunmetal. Voltage - Suitable for up to 11000 Volts. Weight - 36.0kg resin filled, 22.0kg unfilled.

  • Compact.
  • Able to operate at 11000 Volts.
  • Simple design.
  • Provision for 3 contact tubes (crimped) as standard. Optional 6 pilot/auxiliary.

Requires 2 off resin kit  GPC18-1 to complete installation.

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